hello there :) !

I’m Izzy, a Director & Artist located in London, UK.

I am known for my use of colour, poetic storytelling and whimsical ideas. I make stuff for TV and write & illustrate for children's books.

Currently at Blue Zoo Animation as a Director & Concept Artist.

Represented by the Bright Agency for illustration. 

Just a note that the projects in my *directed by izzy burton* and art direction sections have lots of the process artwork within their posts, so please do click on them to discover more of my work.


The Serious Stuff (to be professional)

I directed the award-winning short film “Via” - click here to watch.

In January 2018 my short film "Via", that I directed and created at Blue Zoo, was released and has since been doing the festival circuit, winning several awards such as Best Animation and Best Concept Art and being long-listed for a BAFTA. You can read more about the production of "Via" on my post here.


In Spring 2018 I was named one of Animation Magazine’s “Rising Stars” of 2018 for my work as a Director.


In 2015 I won a competition to be a new featured illustrator at Boomf, judged by James Middleton, Nick Jenkins and Veronica Dearly.


I graduated from Bournemouth University with a First Class degree in Computer Visualisation and Animation in 2015, and won Best Final Year Film award for a film that I Directed with a team of 3 other students - click here to watch.

I started at Blue Zoo Animation as a Concept Artist straight after University (August 2015) after they saw my final year film. 

You can find my full CV on the links at the side (or at the top if you've come here on a mobile!)


The Less Serious Stuff (to remind you that I am a human too ahaha)

To be less formal, I'm just someone who can't stop creating. I have idea after idea, and I'm incredibly grateful to be working in industries that allow me to take those ideas further, to explore them and let them become something. I'm clumsy and chaotic, I work at a million miles per hour, but I wouldn't have it any other way. When I do take a moment to pause you'll find me tucked up with a good book (my favourite Rebecca by Daphne de Maurier) or a well scripted TV show, drinking a cup of Earl Grey (no milk) and dreaming of the day when they'll be a dog curled up at my feet.


If you’d like to drop me an email, please do: izzy@izzyburton.co.uk    :)