Hi! I'm Izzy, a Director, Artist & Author living in Brighton, UK.

I make short films, children's books and adverts, and do design work for TV & Film. I am known for my use of colour, poetic storytelling and whimsical ideas.


Director / Art Director / Illustrator / Concept Artist / Author

Repped as a Director by The Greenhouse (an emerging talent roster by Passion Pictures) & Troublemakers.tv 

Repped by The Bright Agency for illustration.

If you would like to work with me or have a question drop me an email at izzyburtonart@gmail.com or visit my contact page for more info.


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But for now, my story ...

I was born in 1993 and was extremely lucky to grow up in a house that backed onto miles and miles of pure English countryside ... so much of my childhood was building dens, swimming down rivers and tucked away in a tree somewhere writing stories and drawing everything I saw. I spent two years of my childhood in Connecticut, USA ... my mom says that all my environment drawings have a North American feel to them and I strongly believe my time in the US has been ingrained into my soul.

I was 100% the teacher's pet at school, but just because I loved to learn anything and everything, and had a mega work ethic. My biggest passions were for Maths and Art, so that's the path I took. I studied Animation at Bournemouth University - to me, the perfect pairing of Maths and Art. I spent my entire time at University getting dire marks in Art but succeeding in Maths and Programming, so I was SURE I was going to become a programmer. But I drew every evening because I loved to do so, and I wanted to Direct every short film we got to make. In the end I won the award for Best Final Year Film and got a First Class degree in Animation. And so here I am, an artist simply because I decided I could live without Maths, but I couldn't live without art.

Now I spend my time directing, drawing and writing for a living ... it was always my passion to tell stories, even since those days writing stories and illustrating them in my garden as a child (oh and did I mention I used to film my brother's action men dolls in our vegetable patch and use firecrackers to create my own war films!?).  I couldn't stop creating. I learnt that by following what I was truly passionate about (regardless to whether it formed a feasible job at the end of it) and working hard, that my dreams could come true.

^ Me aged 7 writing my own version of a famous beanstalk story on the wall of our house during renovations 

In 2018 I released my own short film "Via" . It's been incredible seeing it at film festivals, winning awards and even making the BAFTA long-list. It was a project that meant so much to me.

In June 2019 I took the plunge and became fully freelance - it was my chance to balance work in both animation and publishing. I am now a Freelance Director repped by The Greenhouse (Passion Pictures) and Troublemakers. I am also an Author-Illustrator repped by the Bright Agency with my first books publishing in July 2020.  If you'd like to work with me please don't hesitate to drop me an email.

I am based in Brighton & London. 

When I do take a moment to pause, which is fairly rare, you'll find me wandering Brighton Beach or watching Star Wars, Band of Brothers or anything that's new to Netflix, telling myself I should read a new book and ending up reading Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier for the millionth time, drinking a cup of Earl Grey tea (no milk, lemon if there is some) and concocting elaborate plans on how I can feasibly have a dog in my life.


And to end ... here's a smiley photo of me painting an epic waterfall in Iceland whilst sat on the edge of said waterfall ... rainbow included :)