hello there :) !

I’m Izzy, a Director & Artist located in London, UK.

I am known for my use of colour, poetic storytelling and whimsical ideas. I make stuff for TV and write & illustrate for children's books.

Currently at Blue Zoo Animation as a Director & Concept Artist.

Represented by the Bright Agency for illustration. 

Just a note that the projects in my *directed by izzy burton* and art direction sections have lots of the process artwork within their posts, so please do click on them to discover more of my work.

If you’d like to drop me an email, please do: izzy@izzyburton.co.uk    :)


For a serious list of all I've done you can click here to go read my CV/Resume

But for now, my story ...

I was born in 1993 and was extremely lucky to grow up in a house that backed onto miles and miles of pure English countryside ... so much of my childhood was building dens, swimming down rivers and tucked away in a tree somewhere writing stories and drawing everything I saw. I spent two years of my childhood in Connecticut, USA ... my mom says that all my environment drawings have a North American feel to them and I strongly believe my time in the US has been ingrained into my soul.

I was 100% the teacher's pet at school, but just because I loved to learn anything and everything, and had a mega work ethic. My biggest passions were for Maths and Art, so that's the path I took. Then much to the disappointment of my school teachers I didn't pursue a career in Computer Science or Mathematics at a "top" University, but instead opted to learn Animation at Bournemouth University - to me, the perfect pairing of Maths and Art. I spent my entire time at University getting dire marks in Art but succeeding in Maths and Programming, so I was SURE I was going to become a programmer. But I drew every evening because I loved to do so, and I wanted to Direct every short film we got to make. In the end I won the award for Best Final Year Film and got a First Class degree in Animation. And so here I am, an artist simply because I decided I could live without Maths, but I couldn't live without art.

Now I spend my time Directing and Drawing for a living ... it was always my passion to tell stories, even since those days writing stories and illustrating them in my garden as a child (oh and did I mention I use to film my brother's action men dolls in our vegetable patch and use firecrackers to create my own war films!?). I never knew animation could be a job ... it was also fact that artists didn't make any money ... wasn't it?! But I couldn't stop creating. I learnt that by following what I was truly passionate about (regardless to whether it formed a feasible job at the end of it) and working hard that my dreams could come true (cringe ahaha).

I was lucky enough to direct and create my own short film "Via" with Blue Zoo Animation and I took it as a chance to show who I really was. It's been incredible to see it at festivals, winning awards and even making the BAFTA long-list. When you create something that is so much a part of who you are it can be scary to release that into the world, so I breathed a sigh of relief the first time someone said it made them cry (sorry!).

Recently I decided it was time to give this Author-Illustrating thing a go, and I've signed with the lovely folks over at the Bright Agency to see if I can tell stories that don't move - watch this space! (whilst, of course, still telling stories that move).

I am based in London, UK (but if you want me, I'll go anywhere aha), I decided that the countryside was a beautiful place to grow up, but I needed a little more hustle and bustle.

I direct, I draw, I write, I illustrate ... I tell stories. 

When I do take a moment to pause, which is fairly rare, you'll find me watching Star Wars or Band of Brothers or anything that's new to Netflix or telling myself I should read a new book and ending up reading Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier for the millionth time, drinking a cup of Earl Grey tea (no milk, lemon if there is some) and concocting elaborate plans on how I can feasibly have a dog in my life.