as featured in ...

September 2020 - Cover and 16 page feature in Character Design Quarterly Magazine - Issue 14

July 2020 - Blue Peter / CBBC 

Featured in a segment with Jacqueline Wilson talking about sketch diaries. Aired on UK television 2nd of July 2020.

April 2020 - "Stella" featured in The Stash Media Permanent Collection - Stash 140 

Watch Stash 140 Here

October 2019 - 3D World Magazine (December edition)

Making your own short film article with Via

April 2019 - POSTed Studio at Coachella 2019

Headling artist at POSTed Studio at Coachella. Redesigning posters created by festival attendees and attending the festival itself. 

June 2018 - 3DWorld Issue 234

My short film Via is part of the article "Big VFX on a Budget"

April 2018 - Animation Magazine - RISING STARS OF ANIMATION

I was chosen, and featured, as one of the twelve "Rising Stars of Animation" for 2018 by Animation Magazine for my work as a Director.

Spring 2018 - Televisual 

A small feature on Via as part of a round up of the best recent work in Animation, Graphics and VFX.

July 2017 - ImagineFX Issue 151

June 2017 - Character Design Quarterly

I was interviewed for the first issue as part of the studio profile of Blue Zoo.

March 2017 - BBC Radio Gloucestershire

February 2017 - Royal International Air Tattoo & Cotswold Hare Collaboration

September 2016

SPLASH Conference 2016. I ran a Concept Art workshop on storytelling through colour, lighting and atmosphere. A video summary of the whole Conference can be seen below. See me at 56 seconds and 1.19min 

IAMAG.CO Features

October 2015 – First piece of work at Blue Zoo Animation Studios 

I was responsible for all design elements involved in Dynamo's show opening animation. See yellow section.

July 2015 – Boomf Winner Newspaper Articles

After winning the Boomf “Art of Mallow” competition to become a featured illustrator there was a lot of media coverage (London Evening Standard, Daily Mail, Daily Express) in which I featured in articles alongside Boomf Co-Founder James Middleton. I was chosen as the winner by James Middleton (Boomf), Nick Jenkins (moonpig/Dragon's Den) and Veronica Dearly. One article shown below.