The Pier

I’ve been wanting to paint this for a while but I’ve been too busy! So here it finally is. It’s a version of Brighton Pier, at the end of the road where I live. The front section is a dome with lights all over and the other day I realised it was absolutely COVERED in seagulls - way more than this. It was as if the seagulls don’t know what to do with themselves now there’s no picnicking people about to steal food from. As I watched them they all flew into the air in a swarm of thousands swarm, flew around for a bit and then landed again back on the dome roof. There’s also thousands of starlings that roost under the pier at night, sometimes you see the murmurations at sunset. Also the other day the Pier was almost completely shrouded in mist. And it was so so so eerie and beautiful. That’s where this image has come from! A need to draw a foggy pier with seagulls sat on top. I had to draw the lights on as if life is as normal and the funfair is still going. We’ll be back to normality one day! 


3rd May 2020


Personal Work