"Meet the Artist" - Self Portrait

✨Meet the Artist ✨ I got in a strop earlier because I was tired and my drawing wasn’t working so I drew me looking grumpy instead and thought it was a good opportunity to introduce myself as there’s been a massive influx of new people recently (thank you for being here!).

 ✨So hey! I’m Izzy, I’m 25 and I live in London. I work as a Director & Artist at Blue Zoo Animation and have done for the past 3.5 years since I graduated from Bournemouth University with a degree in Computer Visualisation and Animation. 

✨I was pretty techy at University and thought I’d end up as a programmer but couldn’t stop drawing and directing, so here I am (all my highest grades were in Maths and Programming and my worst in the Art modules). 

✨ I’ve recently signed to the Bright Agency to start getting myself into children’s illustration and the like, which is super exciting. 

✨ I grew up in the English countryside, a place called The Cotswolds - imagine the most quintessential British countryside and you’ve got where I grew up. It meant I spent most of my time in my garden drawing and writing stories or up a tree or down a river somewhere. I think that’s why I draw so many environments and animals. 

✨ I wanted to be a zoologist / marine biologist for most of my childhood and teenage years but decided science wasn’t the route for me ... I still have a bizarre knowledge base of animals and birds stored up in my head though 😂

✨ I have a lightning bolt earring in the top of my ear that hasn’t come out since I was 17 and weirdly sums up my personality : I do everything at a million miles per hour. 

✨My Dreams? To Direct short form work and maybe even feature one day. To keep creating regardless to directing - I always want to have a grasp on what I’m making. To make books that everyone wants to buy ... both for children and adults ... I guess to just tell stories in any form!

✨Hope I didn’t send you all to sleep! 😜 thank you, each and everyone of you, for your continued support of my crazy adventures in the animation and illustration world 😊