Bill Block

Bill Block was my final year film I made at Bournemouth University. The idea for the film was mine and I Directed it as well as doing the Art Direction, Visual Development, Texturing, Matte Painting, Credits and 2D Animation.

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Bill Block is a short 3D/CG animated film inspired by the cartoons of the 1950s and 1960s. Influenced by 1950s animation studio UPA,1960s illustrator Miroslav Sasek and Wes Anderson, Bill Block tells the story of Bill who is a 1960s man trying to enjoy his breakfast. The narrative is formed out of cut-up snippets of audio from 1950s and 1960s infomercials and adverts courtesy of the Prelinger archives.

I had great fun listening to hours of audio and finding phrases I liked and writing them down. I then took all these phrases and began to place them into some kind of narrative. The nature of the advertisements leant this idea that story would be about commercialisation and how products are often forced on us, even more so to this day. It was also an experiment in how 1950/60s animation could be translated into 3D but with a modern twist.

Created by four 3rd Year students at the NCCA.
Izzy Burton, Arianna Bragaglia, Arran Baker, Stephen Edgerton